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October 29 2013


Nashville bed bug inspection

In case you Ohio bed bug inspection have these bugs at home a built-in pest management (IPM) approach is better to settle the issue. These bugs take time and effort pests to manage. However, there are actions you can take to handle the problem before the implementation of treatment.

Once bedbugs are identified and confirmed at home there are certain pre-treatment steps you have to take. Preparing the space for bedbug inspection is vital for successful bedbug control.

Before any cleaning enables you to determine the extent of the problem, a comprehensive inspection. It prevents the spread and disturbance of bedbugs before the application of treatment.

Bedbug inspection checklist

a. Remove curtains and drapes through the window and place them in plastic bin bags and seal the bags tightly.

b. Remove all bedding, pillows and cases from your bed and set them into plastic bags. Before transporting them to the laundry room, seal the bags tightly.

c. Emptyclosets and drawers, night stands, wardrobes and tablestables and put belongings into plastic bags. Seal the bags tightly.

d. Place clothing, coats and shoes into plastic bags. Before removing these to the laundry room, seal the bags tightly.

e. Place all loose clothing (e.g. garments found outside of the dresser) into plastic bags and launder according to laundry instructions below.

f. Remove all items from beneath the bed and also on the place and floor them into plastic bin seal and bags the bags tightly.

g. Place all items that are not washable (e.g. plastictoys and books, electronics) into plastic bags for inspection and seal the bags tightly.

h. Remove all cloth and plush items, except plush furniture and place them into plastic bin bags and seal the bags tightly.

i. If at all possible, launder and take off the pillows of plush furniture.

j. Pull all furniture a minimum of 18 inches away from the wall.

k. Remove outlet covers, switch plates on the wall, phone jack light and plates switch covers.

l. Remove all wall hangings (e.g. picture frames, mirrors) and neat and treat the things.

m. Remove television set from wall unit, if applicable. Keep all electrical equipment within the areas for treatment.

n. If heating or air conditioner units are near towards the bed remove the front panel for inspection.

o. Undo carpets at the wall/floor junction. Usually do not take away the carpet from the room.

p. Remove all wall mounted items and set them in to a plastic bag for inspection.

q. Remove electrical switch and socket plate covers.

r. Place files, books, notepads and magazines etc. right into a bag for inspection.

s. Remove everything from the floor to permit thorough inspection.

t. humans and Pets must vacate the location during treatment and wait away from area for around 4 hours after treatment.

u. For those who have fish tank in the home, cover it having a towel or plastic as it is extremely responsive to pesticides.

v. Clean all clothing linen along with other items and isolate them up until the bedbug problem is resolved.

w. Ensure you get access to thebed and closet, all furniture and baseboard to inspect and treat them.

x. Pry baseboard from the wall where possible.

y. Discard all plastic bags used to transport infested items into a third party garbage bin.

Laundry Directions

Launder all washable items (e.g. bedding, pillow cases, plush cushions etc.) in hot water (>60°C or 140°F [thermal death point rate]) then place washed items into the dryer and set up the temperature on the thermal death point rate for no less than 30 minutes.

Position the items into Ohio bed bug inspection plastic bin bags after drying and seal the bags tightly. Keep all laundered items from the infested room till the pest problem has been resolved.

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